Virtual Sales Bootcamp 2.0

Virtual Sales Bootcamp 2.0
for Landscape Professionals

May 8-9, 2024

Recharge Your Selling Approach from the Ease of Your Office or Home

If you attended our virtual or in-person sales bootcamp in the past, this event is the next step for you or your sales team. Join us online to dive even deeper into sales best practices for landscaping teams. During this event, Grunder Landscaping Co. President & CEO Marty Grunder will share the strategies, tips, and tactics he's used to win at sales in his nearly 40 years of selling landscaping work.

In this event, he's joined by Executive Coach and Facilitator, Chris Psencik from McFarlin Stanford, along with Emily Lindley of the Grow Group and Grunder Landscaping Co.

Are you:

  • An owner unsure of how to set a new sales manager up for success?
  • Trying to set sales goals for 2023 that match your production capacity, are attainable, and help your company reach its topline and profitability goals?
  • Struggling to hand off closed sales to the production team effectively?
  • Wanting to convert more of your construction clients to landscape maintenance clients?
  • Unsure of how to find more leads to hit your sales goals in 2023?

Marty has faced each of these obstacles head-on in his 38 years of business, but he’s figured out a way to consistently come out on top. In this online event, him and Chris will lay out clear steps that sales teams can take to sell more the very next day.

The market is there, let us help you capitalize on it.

Because we build upon concepts taught in the original virtual sales bootcamp this event is best for people who have already attended that event, but you can do them out of order too! If you're interested in both events, you can select a package to get the most recent VSB 1.0 recordings along with your VSB 2.0 registration.

After attending the Virtual Sales Bootcamp, our landscape designer sold a hardscaping and lighting project the next week at 20% higher than our competitors. What Marty and Chris teach WORKS.
— Michael Pickel, Pickel Landscape Group, Landenberg, PA

LEARN REAL-WORLD TOOLS AND TACTICS FROM Two of the best in the industry

Through six live online sessions, worksheets, illustrative videos, and Q&As, our team will teach you:

  • The key attributes of a successful sales manager, and how to set them up for success

  • How to set realistic sales budgets that motivate you and your team to succeed
  • Ways to track progress toward sales goals to create accountability and support your team
  • Ways to make the handoff between sales and production more seamless
  • How to overcome the objections you're seeing frequently right now
  • How to plan your marketing efforts to match your sales goals

Whether you’re an owner, a sales manager, or a member of a landscaping sales or account management team, you’ll leave with tools and tactics that work and the motivation to succeed. Plus, if you miss the live sessions, you'll automatically be sent the recordings from the event, which you'll have access to for 30 days.


This Virtual Sales Bootcamp is great—very professional and well done. If we close just one extra annual deal because of it, our ROI will be 20 times as much or more.
— Jonathan Crandall, JC Grounds Management, Danvers, MA


DAY 1: better manage the sales team
11 a.m.–Noon ET

Sales Management: Training and Building a Great Sales Team
How do you find a great sales manager, or coach someone on your team to fill that role? In this session, Marty Grunder and Chris Psencik will outline the qualities of a great sales manager, the typical tasks they do, and how they can ensure success as the head coach for your sales team. We'll also cover how companies can train their sales managers and team as they grow.

1–2 p.m. ET
Running Effective Sales Meetings
We'll cover typical agendas for sales meetings, the best practices for running sales meetings, and the purpose of a sales meeting to begin with. This session is all about helping your team to better use their time, so that meetings are purposeful and drive progress. 
2:15–3:15 p.m. ET

Forecasting, Goal Setting, and KPIs
Know what the score is. This session outlines how teams can more accurately forecast, set SMART goals, and monitor their progress by following the KPIs we watch with teams we work with.

DAY 2: collaborating with other departments
11 a.m.–Noon ET

Sales and Marketing: Finding More Leads to Reach Your Goals
In this session Grow Group Content & Event Manager Emily Lindley will share tips for creating messaging that resonates with your ideal client, drafting a marketing plan that aligns with sales goals, and match your marketing outreach with your team's sales goals and bandwidth.

1–2 p.m. ET

The Big Handoff: Best Practices for Jobs as They Go into Production
A common sticking point for landscaping companies is the handoff between sales and production teams. We'll lay out how sales teams can best set their operations teams up for success, and share the best practices for ensuring the company's success.

2:15–3:15 p.m. ET

Final Thoughts
We'll cover anything we didn't get to in the earlier sessions: closing techniques, best practices for keeping in touch with clients, sales tips for the economy we're currently seeing, and more. We'll also answer any final questions you have - these events are all about YOU after all!

Event Details

  • $499 per person or device

Includes six live, one-hour sessions online, worksheets, illustrative videos, and Q&As. Also 14 days of access to the recorded sessions.


There are no refunds for the Virtual Sales Bootcamp. If your circumstances change and you are unable to attend the live sessions, let us know and we will provide you with access to a recording and learning materials for a limited time. Alternatively, you may receive a credit for the entire registration amount to apply to another Grow Group offering, good for 18 months, or you may transfer your registration to a substitute participant for the live sessions. No credits, transfers, or refunds are available on a transferred registration.


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