Nurture the Leads Right in Front of You

Selling more to the clients you already know can be a faster way to increase your revenue than starting from scratch with new leads. As you heard last week, our team has been working hard at Grunder Landscaping Co. to sell more to hit our goal for this year and lay a strong foundation for next year.

Extreme Sales Huddles

When our sales backlog dips below a set revenue metric, our team at Grunder Landscaping Co. brings back something we call Extreme Sales Huddles.

Market the Experience

On the Saturday that Taylor Swift's Eras Tour was in Cincinnati, both the Reds and FC Cincinnati played at home too. What did all three of these events have in common? They were all sold out.

Continued Education, Continued Improvement

At The Grow Group and at Grunder Landscaping Co., we believe the secret to success lies within constantly trying to improve and get better at what we do. Finding efficiencies within our landscaping businesses, following trends in design and maintenance, investing in training for our teams, and capitalizing on the.

How's Your Cash Flow?

Over the last month, we have had many of our Summer ACE Peer Group meetings that we run in partnership with our friends at McFarlin Stanford. It's always a great time to reconnect, prioritize, and get a game plan for success.

How to Gut-Check Your Goals

Budgeting season is approaching, and for many companies, it is already under way. Whether you like budgets or not, you have no doubt heard the motto " All Planning is Good". This is especially true as you look ahead and make plans for 2024.

Better Understand Your Profitability

When we start talking about financial benchmarks, you’ll often hear me say “it depends.” Different companies allocate costs in different ways and different business mixes have different benchmarks for success which means you can't always compare apples to apples. While we do this for some of the metrics we look at and.

Keep Training Timely

I have long said that training is an investment in your team, not an expense. My mentality around this isn't as uncommon in our industry today as it was even a few years ago, and I know many teams around the country have put a lot of intentionality behind how, when, and on what they train their teams.

Double the Revenue, Double the Loaders

Special Touches to Wow Your Landscaping Clients The morning roll-out is often where landscape professionals look when trying to improve efficiency. The same is true for us at Grunder Landscaping Co., and even though our morning roll-out is smooth and usually pretty efficient, we're always looking for ways to get.

Take Up the Trash Cans

Special Touches to Wow Your Landscaping Clients You'll often hear me say that it is not difficult to stand out in business, especially as a landscaping company. Just calling a client back is more than most contractors do. At its core, standing out in business comes down to DWYSYWD or "Do What You Say You Will Do."