Three Things to Know as We Look to the Year Ahead

Fundamental Lessons to Help Your Landscaping Business Thrive There's been a lot of talk and speculation about the economy recently. Are we headed for a recession? How do we plan for the year ahead with uncertainty in supply chains and logistics? What if demand does stay high, how do we plan for that?

Does Your Company Need an Annual Check Up?

How do Great Leaders Teach Their Team to Problem Solve On Their Own? Last week we talked about three sessions we'll have at GROW! 2023 that will help to make your company stronger so you're ready for whatever 2023 throws at you. This week, I wanted to dive a little deeper into what we can do to strengthen our.

Don't Take the Monkey: Teach Your Leaders to Lead

How do Great Leaders Teach Their Team to Problem Solve On Their Own? It's been said by people much smarter than I am that the true measure of a leader is not the number of followers they have, but the number of new leaders they create. I couldn't agree more - the function of leadership should be to create more.

What Does Your Team Need to Know to Thrive in 2023?

How Do You Plan for Headcount and Train Your Landscaping Team? Having a great team at your landscaping company doesn't happen accidentally, it happens when leaders are intentional and invest in the team running alongside them. As many of us deal with the snow season, and we all look forward to a busy spring, on all of.

Will Sales Come Easy Again in 2023?

Execute a Marketing Plan for Your Landscaping Company I like to think of marketing as air cover for the sales team. While it's unlikely that a single social media post, or even a postcard, will be all it takes to close a $10,000 landscape installation when done right, your marketing should be consistently driving.

Prepare for a Great Year Ahead

Rally Your Landscaping Team for the Year Ahead Happy New Year, and welcome to 2023! We have a fantastic year ahead of us as landscape professionals, and I thought I would kick the year off by reminding you of our opportunities. I still think, even with economic uncertainty there, that we'll see strong demand for.

Need a Last Minute Christmas Gift?

Give Your Team the Gift of Professional Development It's that time of year again! We only have one more Great Idea left to send in 2022, if you can believe it. As the year comes to a close and we prepare to celebrate the holidays with our loved ones, I want to take a moment to remind you to show your team that you.

Eliminate Friction Between Your Sales and Production Teams

Are Your Landscaping Sales and Production Teams at War With Each Other? The handoff between sales and production is often the sticking point for landscaping companies. It's frequently the spot in the process where miscommunications happen that can irritate clients or cause issues for team members, whether a team is.

Is Your Sales Team Just "Taking Orders?"

Is Your Sales Team Just "Taking Orders?" Here's How Landscape Pros Can Prepare to Sell in 2023 In the past few years, many landscaping companies have been able to get by with their salespeople functioning more as "order takers." Our clients, and potential clients, already had ideas and already knew they wanted to.

We're Grateful for You

We're Grateful for This Community of Landscapers Every year, we're reminded of exactly why we do what we do at The Grow Group. We share content in this weekly Great Idea email, put together events that inspire landscape professionals and we work with our partners at McFarlin Stanford on our ACE Peer Groups to drive.