How Strong is Your Company's Reputation

How Strong is Your Company's Reputation? The team at R.P. Marzilli has grown to $53 million in annual revenue, all without a dedicated sales team. This is a pretty astounding business model and is rare in our industry. While it's not the model we follow at Grunder Landscaping, I'm intrigued by how it works for them. I.

Does Your Team Have the Skills They Need?

Four Topics Grunder Landscaping is Training On this Spring The 100 Days of Victory are in full swing, and while we're all busy executing right now, at Grunder Landscaping we are also always focused on training our teams.  Often when we get so busy executing, we overlook that there are other, easier solutions to our.

Is Your Morning as Efficient as it Can Be?

One Simple Way to Make Your Morning Roll-Out More Efficient Each morning at Grunder Landscaping, we spend 5 minutes on our morning huddle with our entire production team. Our team members know to be standing in a circle for us to start our huddle promptly at 7 a.m. Since we started doing this morning huddle, we've.

Case Study: How R.P. Marzilli Wins Large Projects

Case Study: How One Landscaping Company Wins and Manages Large Construction Projects R.P. Marzilli has grown to $53 million in annual revenue in large part because of the strong relationships and reputation they've built in their market. As we talked about a few weeks ago, maintaining quality at scale is difficult but.

Do You Need a Break?

My wife, Lisa, is a kindergarten teacher, and nearly 30 years ago she insisted that we had to do something over her spring break. It's become a bit of a tradition for us, as has my annual update from the beach.  For the first few years, I was nervous to leave my business at this time of year. It's the busy season, and.

Spring Check In: How Are You Doing?

The Three Focuses of Successful Landscaping Companies Last month, I asked you a series of questions that challenged you to stay focused on your priorities, health, and family. I told you I was going to check in on you and here I am. So, how are you doing?  Answer these questions again and see for yourself:  Am I.

Three Ways Landscaping Companies Stay Ahead

The Three Focuses of Successful Landscaping Companies   Hello Friends! Last week we had 34 individuals from all over the country join us for our ACE Peer Group Discovery Event with our partners at McFarlin Stanford in New Orleans, LA. We now have over 100 active members, representing over $600M in annual revenue, and.

Do You Have a Process for Materials?

Keep Your Material Deliveries Organized It's officially April, and as the weather warms up the pace of projects is picking up too. The daffodils are blooming, Tulips aren't far behind, and we got our first big plant delivery for installation projects last Wednesday. We've made huge improvements to our plant purchasing.

Is Your Quality Slipping as Your Company Grows?

Maintain Quality at Your Landscaping Company Our Spring is already off to a fast start, and like many of your teams, we have a wide range of experience levels on our crews. We have some team members who have been doing this job for 30+ years, and we have others in their first season.  At Grunder Landscaping Co., we're.

Take a Step Back

With flowers in bloom and grass growing fast, many of us are running around at breakneck speed right now trying to get done all that we need to do. We’re going nonstop from early in the morning until late in the evening, with barely any time to eat. The pace is unrelenting but, we tell ourselves, we just have to get.