Great Idea: Are You Looking for Leading Indicators?

Our team was in Birmingham, AL this week for our Field Trip at Landscape Workshop in partnership with NALP. What a great event: I have pages and pages of notes I brought home with me that I'll be sharing with my team at Grunder Landscaping Co.

Great Idea: Your Reaction Sets the Tone

Happy Sunday!

Great Idea: Four Considerations To Create Great Systems

Operational systems make or break landscaping companies. You can have pretty marketing materials, an expert sales team, even talented horticulturalists out in the field: you can't scale up successfully without operational systems in place to guide your team as they complete the work.

Great Idea: A Focus on The Flowers

As we prepare for the Field Trip at Landscape Workshop we'll host in partnership with NALP on June 11-12, we've been working with their team on what they'll be sharing during our company tour.

Great Idea: Self-Limiting Beliefs are Holding You Back

We hit the halfway point of May this week, and I wanted to do a check-in with all of you: how is the season going so far? How are you and your team feeling? I know how crazy April, May, and June can feel as landscape pros—there's so much to do and it often feels like there isn't enough time to do it. And when we get.

Great Idea: Keep Your Best Team Members Happy

In my recent interview with J.T. Price, CEO of Landscape Workshop, on The Grow Show, he shared so much great information about managing and leading teams and the intentionality they've put behind their company culture at Landscape Workshop. You can listen to all that he has to say here, but he made one point in.

Great Idea: Are You Getting Ghosted by Clients?

Later this week Chris Psencik, Emily Lindley, and I will host our Virtual Sales Bootcamp 2.0. While we're online, we'll cover sales management, marketing strategies and plans, strategies to close more sales, how to handle objections we're seeing frequently. As we've been preparing, we've been talking with our ACE Peer.

Great Idea: Three Tips to Better Manage Sales

Landscaping teams across the country are having to work harder this year to hit their sales goals. It's a theme we're seeing play out in our ACE Peer Group Members' companies, as well as at Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC).

Great Idea: Four Ways to Solve Cash Flow Issues

One of the many benefits of running our ACE Peer Group Program and also working in the weeds at Grunder Landscaping Co. is that I am able to see trends in what challenges companies are facing. While Spring always puts companies into a bit of a cash crunch, this year it's been tighter than usual for a lot of the.

Great Idea: What Do We Learn From Others?

As part of my role at The Grow Group, I frequently play investigator and interviewer to figure out what companies excel at that we can showcase during events and what the application of their work can be to other companies, even if their business models are a little different.