Listen and Learn from Clients and Team Members

Whether you’re an owner or a team member, the next couple of months can be pivotal for a business. With the hectic demands of summer starting to wind down, it’s the perfect time to look back at what you’ve accomplished so far this year and where you hope to finish, what you did well, and where you came up short. We.

Empower Your Team to Problem Solve

I often warn first-time attendees at our events that it can feel a bit like drinking through a fire hose. I've been on a lot of company tours in my time in the industry, and I've led a lot of them myself too. I always leave with new ideas and pages and pages of notes. This week our tour of Ruppert Landscape as part of.

All Planning is Good

Having a strategy is critical to the success of our businesses each year. In its simplest form, a strategy is what your company is going to do, and not going to do, in the coming years. Your strategy is a key first building block to prepare for 2022. It helps you to define what projects you should be selling more of,.

Increase Your Revenue per Property

Last week, our leadership team at Grunder Landscaping met to discuss priorities about 2022. One of our biggest priorities for 2022 is maximizing what we are calling our “Revenue per Property”. Some people call it a “penetration rate”, but ultimately what we are trying to do is ensure that we are taking total control.

There's Nothing More Powerful Than a Positive Attitude

This year it has been hard to find everything we need to get each job done. We have had shortages in labor, plants and materials, and sometimes even patience. We've fought and succeeded through the worst of it alongside all of you, and looking back I think there has been one saving grace for us: the camaraderie among.

Do Your Trucks Pull Their Weight?

I started my business with an old, red pickup truck in 1984. It wasn't new, even then, and it wasn't branded or flashy. But it got the job done. As my business grew and I realized the importance of branding, the Grunder-Green truck was born. Since 1995, our trucks have all been the same shade of green with an.

Find Inspiration and Keep Improving

In 31 days we'll be in Gaithersburg, Maryland for the 2021 NALP Field Trip: Frank & Marty's Excellent Adventure. This year our host company is Ruppert Landscape, a commercial powerhouse known for the quality of work they do and the scale they do it at. This week, Marty Grunder and Frank Mariani of Mariani Landscape.

Can Your Team Do the Work Without You?

Some of you may already know that my wonderful wife Lisa is a kindergarten teacher, and when we got engaged she insisted that she wanted to be able to take spring break trips with her family. As a 25-year-old, running a business before cell phones were prevalent, the thought of taking a week off in March or April gave.

Don't Learn Bad Habits in a Good Year

2021 has hopefully been a good year for you. Sales have been strong and demand for our services at an all time high. While there have been challenges with finding team members and supply shortages, we're fortunate that so many clients and potential clients are putting more value on having outdoor living spaces to.

How GLC Decides Which Topics to Train On

As landscape professionals, we know that our jobs go beyond just doing the usual work outside. We're experts and professionals solving problems clients may not even realize they have. A challenge everyone is having right now is having enough professionals on their team to do the work they already have sold. Hiring.