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Led by Marty Grunder, The Grow Group is a premier consulting firm for green-industry professionals, providing innovative programming, peer-groups, and real-world resources to help business owners and their teams succeed. In addition to The Grow Group, Marty leads the team at Grunder Landscaping Company, a highly respected firm based in Dayton, Ohio. Grunder Landscaping Co. is The Grow Group’s “living laboratory.”

Every Sunday at 7 a.m., we send out a Great Idea e-mail to help you grow and control your business. These tips and tactics are pulled directly from our team’s real-world experience leading successful landscaping companies and coaching hundreds more. In other words, we only share what we know works.

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We offer a full schedule of learning events designed to educate, entertain, and inspire green-industry professionals around the country and throughout the year. Whether you’re a business owner or a team member, we have a results-driven program for you.