Great Idea: Use Metrics to Drive Decisions

I often remind my team at Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC) and my fellow landscape pros that good managers make good decisions with good information. When we pay attention to the right metrics and when our data is good, we can make smart decisions.

Are You Prepared to be an Order Maker?

My friends, it's March. As we begin the third month of the year, we celebrate that although spring doesn't technically begin for a few more weeks, we're already into our spring season of work. And, perhaps more importantly, our clients are in their spring mindset. NOW is the time to be rallying your sales team and.

The Smartest Investment is in Yourself

This year Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC) celebrates 40 years in business. It's a big milestone: only 30% of small businesses survive their first 10 years in business according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Owning and running a small business is not an easy career choice. While it's immensely gratifying, it can.

Are You Ready for Spring?

The winter months are a great time for landscape pros to work on their businesses instead of in their businesses, and this is true for owners as well as for every team member on the org chart. I want to be clear: even in a northern climate, we don't take the winter off. I know many of you reading this in the South.

What Did We Learn at GROW?

GROW! 2024 is over, and what a week it was in Des Moines, IA. We had fantastic sessions, an absolutely incredible tour of RJ Lawn & Landscape, and so much fun seeing everyone who attended in person again this year. The fun didn't end when the event did, and it was great seeing so many of you in the Des Moines airport.

GROW! With Us This Week, No Matter Where You Are

Our Grow Group team is busy getting every last duck in a row in Des Moines before GROW! 2024 kicks off on Tuesday afternoon. For all those ambitious landscape pros who've signed up to join us, we've got a truly amazing event in store for you. Don't despair, if you aren't with us in person this week you can still join.

Great Idea: Our Attitude Determines Our Aptitude

Our fate is in our own hands.

Great Idea: What We've Learned in Nearly 30 Years of the GROW Conference

Have you been listening to The Grow Show? We've had some fantastic guests and episodes lately. Hopefully, you could listen to some episodes last week while pushing snow and salting surfaces. This week, our vice president, Vince Torchia, flipped the script and interviewed me on The Grow Show. We talked about the.

Great Idea: Do You Have the Right Mindset On Equipment?

Our landscaping companies rely on trucks and equipment to get our work done, and in many cases it helps us to get our work done safely, efficiently, and without throwing out our backs 😅

Great Idea: Can Your Team Tell Which Gas Can is Two-Cycle Fuel?

As part of our preparations for GROW!, one of our ACE Peer Groups visits our tour host each year for a dry run of the GROW! Facility Tour. It's a chance for us to walk the route our attendees will follow, listen to the presentations each of our station presenters has prepared, and fine-tune precisely what attendees.