How GLC Sets Expectations with New Team Members

Last week was an exciting one at Grunder Landscaping Co: Our H-2B workers were finally approved and they arrived for their first day back on Monday. This year it's been difficult to find team members, and we've had to onboard lots of new people, including our returning H-2B workers.   When we onboard new team members.

Sell Only to Your Ideal Client

A couple weeks ago we talked about how Grunder Landscaping Co. is screening potential clients, and this week we wanted to go into more detail about who you should be looking for during your screening process: your ideal client.

Keep Your One-on-Ones

We often get so busy that we believe we don't have time to slow down or teach someone else to do a task, but over the years our team has realized that the opposite is actually true. We should always be empowering others in our organization and developing new leaders in the process. 

Are You Prioritizing the Right Prospects?

This year is busier than any in recent memory, and our salespeople are fielding calls from new prospects constantly. On top of that we're hearing from landscape pros across the country that scheduling is a challenge with staffing problems, material shortages, and the usual disruptions from the weather. Demand is at an.

Is it Time to Raise Your Prices? Your Wages?

An important metric for owners, sales people, and even production team members to understand is the company's costs. Everyone reading this Great Idea understands that if you bid a job for $10,000 and it costs you $20,000 to do the work it's a problem. A less obvious problem we sometimes see is when a company is.

How GLC is Managing Inventory in 2021

Years ago, Grunder Landscaping Co. frequently had a surplus of plants and materials at their shop waiting to be used on jobs. Materials may or may not have been allocated to a specific job, it was pretty common for the plant procurement team to just buy a few extras when they found great quality or a great price and.

Build a Strong Platform for Your Company's Culture

Last week we talked about how acute the labor shortage is this year and shared one tactic that Grunder Landscaping Co. is using to try to find the workers that they need to get the work they've sold done.  This week, we're sharing a new perspective from someone we hope you'll get to know well in the coming year. Marty.

Use a Signing Bonus to Attract New Team Members

The biggest challenge for landscaping companies right now is the same across the country: labor. Finding, hiring, and retaining talented team members is challenging every year, but this year the problem is particularly acute.  Grunder Landscaping Co. has not gotten their H-2B workers for 2021 and they don't expect to.

Do Your Team Leaders Know Your Expectations?

Team Leaders at Grunder Landscaping have a lot responsibility. They are our eyes and ears in the field, project managers on jobsites, and play a key role in ensuring our entire team is trained in best practices.  Each day our crews spend about 30 minutes total at our shop, but they spend hours with their own crew on.

Where are We Headed for GROW! 2022?

Many landscape professionals across the country, both those who joined us in New Orleans in February and those who couldn't make it, have been waiting with baited breath for us to announce our destination for GROW! 2022.  We've been dropping hints on social media all week, but the secret is officially out: GROW! 2022.