Eliminate Friction Between Your Sales and Production Teams

Are Your Landscaping Sales and Production Teams at War With Each Other? The handoff between sales and production is often the sticking point for landscaping companies. It's frequently the spot in the process where miscommunications happen that can irritate clients or cause issues for team members, whether a team is.

Is Your Sales Team Just "Taking Orders?"

Is Your Sales Team Just "Taking Orders?" Here's How Landscape Pros Can Prepare to Sell in 2023 In the past few years, many landscaping companies have been able to get by with their salespeople functioning more as "order takers." Our clients, and potential clients, already had ideas and already knew they wanted to.

We're Grateful for You

We're Grateful for This Community of Landscapers Every year, we're reminded of exactly why we do what we do at The Grow Group. We share content in this weekly Great Idea email, put together events that inspire landscape professionals and we work with our partners at McFarlin Stanford on our ACE Peer Groups to drive.

Can 2+2 Equal More Than 4?

You're Only as Strong as the Team You're With At Grunder Landscaping Co., we've learned the hard way that just because someone is talented, it doesn't make them the right fit for our organization. I've been doing this job for a long time, and I'll often say in my talks that it's important to remember that when dealing.

Is Your Landscaping Team Driving Safely?

Safe Driving Training for Landscaping Teams At Grunder Landscaping Co., we do weekly safety training with our teams on all kinds of topics, from preventing back injuries to how to use a fire extinguisher, and we methodically work through a schedule to ensure we're covering everything our team needs to know to work.

Is Your Company Focused?

Is Your Landscaping Company Focused? Smart landscaping companies realize that they can't be everything to everyone, they need to choose the space they want to specialize in to be successful. Some companies choose to specialize in efficient commercial maintenance while others choose high-touch residential design-build..

When Should You Hire Your Next Salesperson?

How to Decide It's Time to Hire Your Next Sales or Production Team Member At GROW! 2023 in San Antonio, TX on Feb. 28-March 2, we're looking forward to spending a breakout session going in-depth on what has possibly been our most-asked question in 2022:

Is Your Company Culture Attracting Workers?

Is Your Company Culture Attracting Landscaping Workers? Our GROW! 2023 tour hosts, Summit Landscape & Design, have made a name for themselves within the industry for their fun and unique company culture. We have had a great opportunity to get to know them over the years as ACE Peer Group members and "unique" is an.

How Do You Handle Bad Days?

What Should Landscape Pros Do When They Have a Bad Day? During our Ask Marty Anything event this past summer, ACE Peer Group Member George Kennedy from Terra-scape Enterprises asked us: What was the worst day of your professional career in the last 40 years? What did you do to overcome it? What did you do to prevent.

Find Some Relief from Growing Pains

How Do You Treat Growing Pains at a Landscaping Company? At Grunder Landscaping Co., we've nearly doubled our revenue in the past two years and in some ways have doubled our stressors too. We know we are not alone in this. Many of our ACE Peer Group companies are going through this same thing, and it's a natural part.