I often warn first-time attendees at our events that it can feel a bit like drinking through a fire hose. I've been on a lot of company tours in my time in the industry, and I've led a lot of them myself too. I always leave with new ideas and pages and pages of notes. This week our tour of Ruppert Landscape as part of the NALP Field Trip was inspiring, informative, and definitely a bit overwhelming.

My team asked me to focus on one takeaway for this week's Great Idea, and in my pages and pages of notes there was one quote that stood out:

It was clear that Ruppert has a culture of ownership. Their team owns their work and they build their processes around that.

A company like Ruppert grows to the size they are today by training their team, trusting their team members, and empowering them to be successful.

When I look back at what held Grunder Landscaping Co. back from growth in our history, I think it's been my own need to be in control. To grow, we need to relinquish some control of the business and trust our team. Work on doing that in your own business this week too.

Talk to you next week!

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Marty Grunder
President & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.