It's been a great sales year for our team at Grunder Landscaping Co. We have already hit our company and individual sales goals for the year, and we're in the process now of setting our largest goals ever for 2022.

But we aren't taking our foot off the gas for 2021 yet. Instead, we're setting stretch goals and breaking them down to what each person needs to sell weekly to hit those.

Two of our salespeople in their first year with us each need to sell another $10,000/week to hit $1 million this year. That's an achievable stretch goal for them, and by breaking it down to a weekly measurement it's easier to stay on track.

One of our more experienced salespeople, Mike, blew past his goal this year and if he sells $100,000 in work a week for the next 8 weeks he'll hit $2 million this year. He has a few large projects in the pipeline that could get him halfway there. He's extra motivated by bragging rights: he would be only the third salesperson to ever hit this milestone at GLC if he does it.

If your team has beat your sales goals this year, the first thing you need to do is celebrate them. They've exceeded expectations for the year, and they've done a great job.

Then, talk with them about the "What ifs." How much money would they get to take home if they sold $X more? How accomplished would they feel if they hit that next milestone early? What else might be in it for them if they hit that stretch goal?

Sales teams are primed to have another great year in 2022. To set them up for success, invest in their training this winter. We're offering our Virtual Sales Bootcamp again on December 15-16, where we'll spend 2 days online teaching best practices, new ideas, and the tricks of the trade that Chris Psencik, an experienced salesperson and sales coach, and I have picked up in our years selling landscaping work.

I hope you'll join us!
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Marty Grunder
President & CEO
Grunder Landscaping Co. & The Grow Group