Is Your Company Culture Attracting Landscaping Workers?

Our GROW! 2023 tour hosts, Summit Landscape & Design, have made a name for themselves within the industry for their fun and unique company culture. We have had a great opportunity to get to know them over the years as ACE Peer Group members and "unique" is an understatement. 

The team is fiercely protective of its company culture, and there are three clear ways that they nurture, protect, and build a place where people want to work.

1. They're careful about who they hire. Most of their team members were referred by existing team members, and they carefully interview new team members to ensure they're a culture fit before inviting them to join the team. 

In 2022 alone, they raised wages by nearly 10 % across the board to fight inflation and be more competitive with other available jobs in the area. They want their team members to have careers with Summit, and paying them well is a key part of that strategy. They don't want their team looking elsewhere, and pay is part of that. 

2. They make work fun. They bring breakfast tacos for their team, celebrate milestones with the company and their team's personal life, and make an effort to have fun together. They plan annual Spring and Summer Bashes to bring their crews and support staff together and regularly celebrate small wins. 

Summit Team Blower Game

3. They show appreciation and genuine interest in their team. When asked about their leadership style, owners Jonathan and Josiah Peterson said "The 'work for you' culture doesn't work anymore. We work WITH each other. You have to be good to your people, and appreciate what they bring to the table."

The Summit leadership team makes time to listen to team members on the needs they have; this doesn't mean throwing money at personal problems, but rather being a sounding board and a friend. They feel that creating trust and friendships sets their company culture apart from other employment options their team members have. 

I can't wait for you to get a behind-the-scenes look at this special company and learn more about how they operate so that you can take little lessons home to strengthen your company. Are you signed up to join us Feb. 28-March 2 for GROW! 2023 yet? If not, make sure to register soon - the price per ticket goes up $200 on November 2! Plus, teams of 3 or more can use the code GROW3ORMORE to take an additional 15% off. 

I hope to see you in San Antonio!

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