We're Grateful for This Community of Landscapers

Every year, we're reminded of exactly why we do what we do at The Grow Group. We share content in this weekly Great Idea email, put together events that inspire landscape professionals and we work with our partners at McFarlin Stanford on our ACE Peer Groups to drive impact daily. We show you what's possible for your business and your team all because YOU keep us going and inspire us. 

We hope that by sharing our own stories, failures, and experiences each week, we can help you feel less alone when you're finding ways to make your business better. 

We do this work because we love doing it, and we appreciate all the support that you - our followers, clients, and partners - give to us throughout the year. The kind emails you send back to us when a Great Idea resonates with you, the reviews and comments you leave for us on our social media pages, and the great conversations we have when we see you in person. It all makes what we do worth it. 

We're grateful to you and the teams across the country who have opened up their businesses to others so that we can all learn from them. The team at Grunder Landscaping Co., who gives us endless ideas for new content, and the team at Summit Landscape & Design, who are preparing to host GROW! 2023.

This weekend I'll ask you what I always do this time of year: what and who are you grateful for? Make a point to tell them this week that you appreciate them, and then finish the rest of 2022 strong.

I'll talk to you next week!

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Marty Grunder
President & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.


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