What the Landscaping Projects You're Proud of Say About Your Company

Doing work that you're proud of is something that I hope every landscape professional reading this can say they do. We all work hard, and whether your company installs huge, intricate landscaping and hardscaping on residential estates or does commercial mowing, our work is making our country a cleaner and more beautiful place. 

We love that as part of our work at The Grow Group, we get to shine the spotlight on some companies doing such great work across the country and bring people behind the scenes to learn from them. Russell Landscape has a long list of impressive projects that their team has installed and maintained over their 36 years in business. 

They've worked on projects like the Georgia Governor's Mansion, which they completed entirely during a 2-week Christmas Holiday to be done in time for the next inauguration. They have done $4M in landscaping work for the City of Atlanta to create a gateway for visitors and residents that included landscape installations throughout downtown and off the interstate. 

Another long-time client has been the Gas South District, an area in Duluth, GA, just outside Atlanta that includes an arena, convention center, and theater. Russell Landscape has been working on the property for 30+ years, both installing new landscaping and maintaining the property. 


As part of our Field Trip at Russell Landscape in partnership with NALP this summer, we will do something our attendees have long asked for. We're going to take you to see a job site. As part of our evening event, Night Out at The 1818 Club, the Russell Landscape team will lead a guided tour of the Gas South District. They'll point out the features their team installed, answer questions about the installation and maintenance of the property, and then stick around to network during our evening at the 1818 Club, which overlooks the district. 

Keeping a client for over 30 years tells me a lot about how Russell Landscape operates. To complicate matters, this property has changed ownership multiple times in that timeframe, yet with each new owner, they've chosen to stick with Russell. That speaks to a couple of things:

  1. Their clients are happy with their work. You don't have clients renew with you for that long if they're unhappy with the quality of your work.
  1. Their talk on the importance of relationships isn't lip service. Their processes to support account managers as they build and maintain client relationships clearly work. 

I can't wait to hear more from the Russell team when we're in Atlanta together June 6-7. I know there will be so much I can take away from their operation to make my own company better, and I know you'll feel the same. I hope to see you there!

Have a great week; I'll talk to you next Sunday!

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