On Halloween, the first flurries of the season fell on trick-or-treaters in Dayton, and reminded us all that winter is coming and our first snow event is just around the corner.  

We've been busy preparing for snow season at Grunder Landscaping Co., and I know that many of you have been doing the same. Putting plows back onto trucks, getting equipment into position, and setting up weather alerts and client communications so it's ready to go. 

In the long list of to-dos that our teams have to be operationally ready for the first accumulating snow or ice, it's important not to overlook how you prepare your team.

The RJ Lawn & Landscape team, who will be our hosts for GROW! 2024, host an annual "snow rodeo" where they do this. They get their team excited for the snow season ahead, play games, and get up to speed on new equipment and best practices as they kick-off the winter months. The components of snow rodeo include:

1. Equipment Demos
The team will go over important reminders on how to operate the equipment safely and how to care for equipment so that it's always ready to go. They go over what team members should expect when starting up equipment, how to properly turn it off, and how to safely operate everything.

2. Best Practices and Information
The RJ team shares best practices with their crews so they can be as efficient as possible when removing snow and ice from properties, and they also share information specific to their company practices. This includes things like what to do if equipment breaks down, how the team predicts when services will be needed, and what team members can expect as far as communication.

3. Games
They play games where the team can practice using some of the equipment and also have some fun, because all learning is more memorable when it's fun too. There are games included in the stations that team members visit, with a healthy dose of competition baked right in.

RJ Snow - Games

The snow rodeo is a one-day event for their team to rally together, get excited for snow season, and prepare to knock it out of the park this winter. It's a key tenant of their company culture, which I am so excited for you to see in action when we tour their facility at GROW! 2024. Plus, the RJ team will be leading a session on snow operations too, giving our attendees an even deeper look into how they optimize their snow removal services

Headshot - Marty Favorite

Marty Grunder
Founder & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.

Join us in Des Moines, IA to Tour RJ Lawn & Landscape!

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Don't miss your chance to go behind the scenes at RJ Lawn & Landscape to learn all the ways they set their business up for success. An incredible company that does it all (snow removal, lawn care, maintenance, and design-build for both commercial and residential clients), you won't want to miss this year's tour. Paired with our agenda packed with other education sessions, this is THE event for landscapers and their teams this winter. 

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