The power of an efficient team cannot be understated: in the companies that we work with through our ACE Peer Group Program in partnership with McFarlin Stanford, the most successful are the ones who are focused on operational efficiency alongside all their other priorities. 

Why is this? Because the best team members want to work for an organized, efficient company. And the best clients want to hire an organized, efficient company. The more organized and efficient, the less chaotic, and who doesn't want less chaos in their lives?

At GROW! 2024, two of our partners at McFarlin Stanford, Tommy Cole and Jason New, will lead a session titled Innovations in Operations: Operate Using the Latest and Greatest Best Practices to Operate More Efficiently, where they'll cover ways that companies can streamline their landscape and irrigation installation, maintenance and lawn care services, and fleet and equipment management. You'll have to join us in Des Moines, IA, February 6-8 to learn all of their tips, but this week, I wanted to share one philosophy from their session to help you this winter: The 5S Process for Tools.


Tommy Cole and Jason New will teach this session.

The 5S system follows these steps:

  • Sort: remove unnecessary items so you have only what you need
  • Straighten: have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place
  • Shine: clean your tools
  • Standardize: have a system for sorting, straightening, and shining
  • Sustain: don't let this get out of control, sort, straighten, and shine regularly

Having a standard equipment list for the different types of crews you have is a great place to start sorting, and it also forces accountability and efficiency. This list can be used to make sure crews aren't misplacing tools and equipment and can ensure that every crew has the tools they need to be efficient with them every day. That's a great project for your team to tackle between winter snow events if you are waiting for that "white gold" like we are. 

I'll talk to you next week!

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Marty Grunder
Founder & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.

Join us in Des Moines, IA to Tour RJ Lawn & Landscape!

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Don't miss your chance to go behind the scenes at RJ Lawn & Landscape to learn how they set their business up for success. An incredible company that does it all (snow removal, lawn care, maintenance, and design-build for both commercial and residential clients), you won't want to miss this year's tour. Paired with our agenda packed with other education sessions, this is THE event for landscapers and their teams this winter. Plus, unlike other industry events, the tour is included for all attendees at no additional cost!

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