Landscaping teams across the country are having to work harder this year to hit their sales goals. It's a theme we're seeing play out in our ACE Peer Group Members' companies, as well as at Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC). 

The key to forward progress for our team at GLC has been being strategic and well-coordinated as a team. We'll go more in depth on how we do this during our upcoming Virtual Sales Bootcamp 2.0, but this week I'd like to share a few things we're doing that could help if your team with sales management:

1. We have, and are adding to, a rain day plan. 
We are always looking for projects we can save for a rainy day, and we've recently added some marketing work to the list. We will call a couple crews in to go out to a neighborhood and put doorhangers on houses if it's too rainy to landscape. We have door hangers printed and a list of neighborhoods we want to target ready to go for when the opportunity strikes. 

2. We have a structure to our sales meetings.
Having an intentional and structured sales meeting helps our team stay on track, and gives salespeople the opportunity to ask for support if they need it. They may ask the team for help finalizing a design, share a lead with another salesperson for additional services, or ask me, Seth, or Chris for help getting their foot in the door at a prospect they've identified.  

On last week's episode of The Grow Show powered by STIHL, I interviewed our sales manager, Chris Maloney, about his role, how he manages the sales team at GLC, and what our typical sales meeting looks like. If you want to dive deeper, go listen to this episode!

3. Everyday I prospect, everyday I nurture, everyday I close. 
We break our salespeople's goals into smaller timeframes. Each salesperson has a goal for the year, but we also have weekly goals for the number of new leads, initial meetings scheduled, revenue closed, and more. Our salespeople don't get in trouble if they go a week without closing a sale, but we use these metrics to know if we're on track and make adjustments to our approach if they're needed. 

Within those weekly goals, I encourage my sales team to have prospecting, nurturing, and closing activities on their to-do list every day. This way you're constantly moving people through your sales funnel. 

Your sales team will need to be proactive, organized, and a little creative to succeed this year. All of that is possible with the right strategy and structure in place. 

We're offering our Virtual Sales Bootcamp 2.0 again on May 8-9, where our team will share more on how we manage sales meetings, monitor KPIs, and market our services. It's a great follow-up to our Virtual Sales Bootcamp 1.0, plus, if you missed the live 1.0 in March you can purchase the recordings along with your VSB 2.0 ticket at a discount. Will I see you online?

Headshot - Marty FavoriteMarty Grunder
Founder & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.