Last week we talked about how acute the labor shortage is this year and shared one tactic that Grunder Landscaping Co. is using to try to find the workers that they need to get the work they've sold done. 

This week, we're sharing a new perspective from someone we hope you'll get to know well in the coming year. Marty had the chance to sit down with our GROW! 2022 host Taylor Milliken, president of Milosi Landscape, and pick his brain on how Milosi developed a unique company culture to attract and retain talented team members. Watch the interview:

We greatly admire how clearly Taylor and the team at Milosi understand who they are as a company, who they are not, and what roles each person plays in the company's success. Can you say that your own team has that understanding? If not, work on defining your own platform this week. Start by asking:

  • What values are important to us to always uphold?

  • What do we hope our team members say about working here?

  • What do we hope our clients say about working with us?

  • What motivates us to do what we do?

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Have a great week!
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