The biggest challenge for landscaping companies right now is the same across the country: labor. Finding, hiring, and retaining talented team members is challenging every year, but this year the problem is particularly acute. 

Grunder Landscaping Co. has not gotten their H-2B workers for 2021 and they don't expect to at this point. Instead, they're looking for more workers locally to fill out their crews. It's a predicament familiar to many of you reading this: the company is seeing record demand and has plans to grow, but they can't do it without the team to do the work. In this week's video Vince Torchia, Grow Group vice president, shares one tactic they're using to attract more applicants:

The signing bonus has been just one of many tactics that GLC is using to try to find the team members they need. To best align the bonus with the company's goals, they've structured it so that it pays out only if an employee:

  • Makes it to 90 days of employment. They've found that once a team member is with the company this long, it's easier to retain them long term.

  • Is not on probation. The team member cannot be on probation for any behavior or attendance issues.

It's important for existing team members to feel valued too, and not to be overlooked in a bonus program. At GLC, existing team members are eligible for other bonuses that new team members aren't.

They increased the signing bonus recently to $2,000 to hopefully attract even more applicants, and they've used yard signs to spread the word in the community. Team members have put the yard signs up at their homes, and there are a few community organizations that have let them put signs up on their property as well. 

Look at your recruiting practices this week, and determine if a signing bonus might be something your company could offer or if raising the amount you offer could get better results. As always, if there's something we can help you with drop us a line at Our team is always happy to help.

Have a great week!
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