As we prepare for the Field Trip at Landscape Workshop we'll host in partnership with NALP on June 11-12, we've been working with their team on what they'll be sharing during our company tour. 

One stop during our tour will focus entirely on Landscape Workshop's Floriculture program, led by Sarah Cash, detailing how they plan out floral installations for properties across the eight states they service. We're finishing up our floral push at Grunder Landscaping Co. (GLC) as I write this, so her presentation felt particularly timely. Here are some of my takeaways from reviewing her slides:

1. You need systems to be the best. Training teams within their branches is the key to efficiency when planting and to clients being satisfied with the end result. When you have teams spread out across eight states, you can't physically visit each property to lay out the installation: you must have a plan and then have teams who are trained to execute that plan well. This is smart whether your teams are spread out or all within one service area.

To continue refining their systems, the team is working on bilingual training and videos that can help to disseminate information as new team members join crews. Both of these are training initiatives we're working on at GLC, too, so I'm looking forward to hearing more.  Landscape Workshop - Floriculture (1)

2. The current job sells the next job. Floral installations are a big driver of enhancement sales for Landscape Workshop and for many other companies, and the best way to sell more of them is to gather evidence of the great work you're already doing. The Landscape Workshop team created presentations to highlight the great work their teams do to equip their sales team to sell more of this work. 

Because I handle Grunder Landscaping Co.'s marketing efforts, I can't wait to see more details from the Landscape Workshop team. I know there will be things they're doing that we can do at Grunder Landscaping Co. to make it easier for our team to sell floral rotations. A dedicated presentation for salespeople to use when proposing seasonal color is a great idea. 

Are you signed up to join us in Birmingham yet? If not, go handle that today. Our discounted hotel rate expires tomorrow (5/27) at 11:59 p.m. I hope to see you there!


Emily Lindley
Content & Events Manager
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.