How do Great Leaders Teach Their Team to Problem Solve On Their Own?

It's been said by people much smarter than I am that the true measure of a leader is not the number of followers they have, but the number of new leaders they create. I couldn't agree more - the function of leadership should be to create more leaders. 

But how do you do it?

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To develop leadership skills within your team, you have to be coaching them. At GROW! 2023, Executive Coaches Megan Parker and Tracy Wallingford will teach a session titled "Don't Take the Monkey! How to Coach Your Team Members To Problem Solve" where they'll share exactly how leaders can do this.

Their talk is all about coaching your team to problem solve and asking open-ended questions instead of jumping in to fix things for them. Asking questions like "How do you think we should handle this?" or "What do you think we should do next?" can show your team members that you value their opinion and can also help them work through the situation on their own. By coaching them through this process, you're laying the groundwork for them to solve this problem on their own the next time it arises. 

Coaching your team through finding solutions like this slowly gives you time back in your day as they become more self-sufficient and it sets them up better for longterm success in their career. It's one of the many ways that great leaders are creating new leaders.

This won't be the only session at GROW! 2023 on February 28-March 2, 2023 in San Antonio, TX that is dedicated to leadership skills. You can view our whole agenda on our website to see what else we have planned. Space is filling up quickly at this event and tickets may sell out this year - register now to ensure you and your team get a spot!

Have a great week!

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