We often get asked by attendees at our Grunder Landscaping Co. how we get our team members to keep our trucks clean

My answer to how you get your team to clean up after themselves is all about leadership. And no matter what your role is, I believe a leader is anyone who makes things better and everyone on a team can do that. To be better leaders, we need to:

  1. Be great at what you want others to be good at. If you want your team to clean trash out of their trucks, you need to make sure the car or truck you drive is spotless. Leading by example always comes first. 
  2. Be consistent. We do our team no favors when we make exceptions. Consistent expectations help the people around you know what to do to succeed. By being clear about what we expect and then holding team members accountable, we're being fair leaders. And while no one enjoys getting negative feedback, being fair can also help that negative feedback be heard.
  3. Compliment more than you criticize. While criticism is sometimes necessary, we must build our teammates up more than we're tearing them down. Notice what people around you do well, and give specific compliments on it. Try "Hey, Joe, that flower box you planted is an absolute work of art. Way to go!" instead of just "Hey, Joe, good job today!"

At GROW! 2024 on February 6-8, we'll have sessions to help all kinds of leaders get better at what they do, with sessions dedicated to helping teams deepen their skill level and also work on the more intangible part of leading others. We're adding new sessions all the time, and can't wait for you to see everything we have planned. Sign up to join us now while Early-Bird rates are still available (ends November 1) and save $200 per ticket. Teams of 3 or more get 15% off using the code GROW3ORMORE too!

I hope to see you this fall or winter, either at one of our Grunder Landscaping Co. Field Trips or at GROW! 2024!

Headshot - Marty Favorite

Marty Grunder
Founder & CEO
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.




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