Are You Asking for Referrals?

Without a doubt, I can tell you there is no better source for new team members and new clients than referrals. 

In both cases, whether it is a referred team member or a referred new client, we have success because generally, they have a better understanding of expectations, they have a trusted source acting as our advocate, and in turn, they have pre-qualified themselves to be a member of the team or a future client.

We are in a relationship and reputational business. Our partners for the 2022 NALP Field Trip, R.P. Marzilli, have grown their business to over $53M in sales by nurturing its existing clients, getting referrals from their current relationships, and growing its team through its reputation for over 37 years. Grunder Landscaping Co., for example, even earns 75% of its business through referrals from existing clients. 

We all know the importance of referrals, but my question to you this week is: Do you have a process for asking for MORE of them? A Dale Carnegie study found that 91% percent of customers say they'd give referrals if asked, but only 11% of salespeople ask for them directly. 

If you are looking for a place to start, don't overthink it - look to your best clients and team members directly. 

Many of us blanketly ask our team for referrals during a morning huddle or our clients for referrals in an email or follow-up survey. These methods can be easily ignored.

This week when you are with a happy client or on a property with them, directly ask if they know anyone whom you should be calling on or meeting with that they know would appreciate your services. This week, bring lunch out to one of your amazing crews and during lunch ask them individually if they have anyone else they know that would be a great team member here. And while you do it, remind them of the referral program you have at your company.

To make this habit at your company, add "referrals" as an agenda item on your sales meetings and your management meetings, and start tracking the number weekly to keep it top of mind. 

Remember, if you are NOT getting referrals from clients or team members, that is an opportunity to learn why. Perhaps you just haven't asked or perhaps there is a deeper issue lurking that we need to sniff out and correct. 

Have a great week, we will talk to you next week! 

Marty Grunder
President & CEO
Grunder Landscaping & The Grow Group


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