As part of our preparations for GROW!, one of our ACE Peer Groups visits our tour host each year for a dry run of the GROW! Facility Tour. It's a chance for us to walk the route our attendees will follow, listen to the presentations each of our station presenters has prepared, and fine-tune precisely what attendees will get to see when onsite. 

RJ GROW Dress Rehearsal

This past week, Marty, Megan, Vince, and I were in Des Moines for our dry run and a peer group meeting. I am so excited about what we saw and so looking forward to all that our attendees will get out of touring RJ Lawn & Landscape exactly one month from today on February 7. 

We had so many takeaways from the tour. Too many to list out, but here's one of many nuggets we picked up: They have a single person do all their fuel mixing, and once it's mixed, they dye that fuel blue. Specifically, COO and co-owner Annette McCarthy called it "Smurf Blue." It keeps someone from putting straight gas into a two-cycle and ruining the engine, something every company has probably had happen. Little systems like this one help companies make money, save time, and, probably most importantly, make life easier for their teams. 

There will be so many nuggets, big and small, you'll take away from the tour of RJ Lawn & Landscape and the 30+ breakout sessions. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Our hotel block discounts expire tomorrow, January 8. Sign up today and make your hotel reservations; you won't want to miss this year's event.


Emily Lindley
Content & Events Manager
The Grow Group