When our sales backlog dips below a set revenue metric, our team at Grunder Landscaping Co. brings back something we call Extreme Sales Huddles.

We hit that metric recently because our production crews have been so efficient at getting work done, and since we recently brought back these meetings I thought I'd detail with you all how they work and help.

These huddles are just 15 minutes long on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and our entire sales team joins for it. During the meeting, each salesperson shares:

  • Three leads they're working on
  • Any obstacles standing in the way of closing

It's a chance for us to reconnect more frequently, better coordinate our efforts, and get the leadership team involved quickly in removing any barriers to a sale that we can. The huddles create a focus on what matters most and also let the sales team know that the leadership team is there to help; they aren't expected to solve this problem all on their own.

At the end of this meeting, the action items vary. The salesperson may just go on with their plan, they may "weaponize" me to help them close the sale, or ask our President, Seth, for help coming up with a creative solution to an issue on the property. Whatever is holding up the sale, this meeting helps us identify and solve issues quickly. 

We want to grow by 20% next year and the groundwork for that is laid now. The backlog we're selling now will set us up for success in 2025. I'm proud of our sales team for all they've accomplished this year, and these meetings aren't a punishment. They're a tool to help us all be successful.

I'll break the fourth wall and tell you that morning huddles are also the secret to our team at The Grow Group being ready for the GROW! Annual Conference each year. An event at that scale has a lot of details to get right, and quick morning meetings help us to get organized and prioritize. While I'm not one to advocate having more meetings, my point is that quick huddles are powerful organization tools for any kind of team. Taking a moment to center everyone around a common goal, help the team prioritize, and identify any roadblocks keeps things moving. 

Have a great Sunday; we'll talk to you again next week!

Headshot - Marty Favorite

Marty Grunder
President & CEO
The Grow Group

Founder & CEO
Grunder Landscaping Co.




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