Happy Fourth of July!

The lead up to the 4th is always exciting for landscaping companies. We have the privilege of giving our clients awesome spaces to enjoy with their families, friends, and coworkers, and it's great to see them put to use over holiday weekends like this one. 

It's a great time of year to capitalize on the excitement for outdoor spaces to fuel your marketing efforts for the rest of this year (and for future years!). Properties are looking great this time of year, and it's a great time to capture photos and videos of your team's work. 


I often get asked how we get photos and videos to use for our social media in an organized way. There are a lot of different ways we get content together, one of which is a scheduled photography day. Planning this involves:

1. Creating a list of properties.
We had a list of the types of work we wanted to photograph this time and asked the sales team to create a list of properties that had these features and would photograph well. In this batch, we had a lot of pools, outdoor living, and hardscaping projects to photograph. 

2. Checking schedules.
We checked in with our photographer to get a day scheduled, and we coordinated his schedule with my own so I could shoot video while he took photos. We also blocked out the schedule for a technician from GLC to travel with us to do any required touch-ups. 

3. Contacting clients. 
The sales team then reached out to our clients who were on our list to make sure they were comfortable with us taking photos and videos of their property for marketing purposes and to confirm the date we would be there. We drafted an email for them to send to make this simple. 

Because our shot list included pools, we also needed to make sure the pools were open when we arrived. Our sales team asked the homeowners to do this, or to send us instructions and we opened the pools when we got to the property.

To prove we're not perfect, here's the shot we got the last time we went to photograph one of the pools when we forgot to ask the homeowner to open it 😇

Pool Covered

During our Grunder Landscaping Co. Field Trips in Dayton, Ohio, this fall, I'll share more detail on how we market all of our services - commercial and residential maintenance, design-build, bid-build, snow removal, and lawn care - during the time dedicated to marketing on our agenda. Our attendees will also hear from our sales team how they are targeting new business to hit our goals. It's a great event that brings you onsite to a landscaping company and dives deep into the way we operate at GLC. Our next event is August 7-8. 

I hope to see you in Dayton soon, have a great week!


Emily Lindley
Content & Events Manager
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.