In addition to my role overseeing our content strategy and managing our events at The Grow Group, I also oversee Grunder Landscaping Co.'s (GLC) marketing efforts. Just like everyone else, right now we're busy gathering leads and closing sales at GLC. This week, I'd like to share a little bit about how we're supporting our sales team with our marketing efforts. 

Similar to how we would recommend you do everything else at your company, there is always low-hanging fruit to tackle first. For us, in order from fastest to implement to slowest, these are the quick-hits we're relying on:

  • Social media posts 
  • A new mail drop of a postcard we already had designed
  • Eblasts to past prospects or clients
  • Redesigning postcards for use in the coming months

These are the tactics we rely on because we know from our past experience that they work well for us with the types of leads we need right now: design-build projects. 

Each tactic is driven by the production schedule and what types of leads we need in order to fill it for the year. We layer that information on top of what we know is top of mind for our clients right now. Things like:

  • When we have early warm days, people like to spend more time outside. It's a great time to hit prospects with messaging about how our work can help them do that more often.
  • Spring rains in our area mean drainage issues are at their most visible. Reminding prospects that this is something we can fix can be helpful.
  • Spring clean-ups are labor-intensive. As homeowners restart their yard work routines, it can be a great time to convince them to hire us instead. 

Layering these pieces and striking while the iron is hot can amplify the success of your campaigns. You're hitting prospects with the right message when it's top of mind for them. 

These tactics are all things that teams can implement or incorporate into your existing marketing plan this week, but I'll leave you with a challenge: marketing is most effective when it's consistent. So tackle the low-hanging fruit, but simultaneously work on putting a system in place so that you're consistently hitting your prospects with messaging that will keep you top of mind if they ever need a landscaper. 

I'll also leave you with a request: just like everyone else we're trying out and evaluating other tactics. If there's something that's working for you that you think we should try, shoot us an email at

I hope the Easter bunny was good to your family this morning. As always, we're here via email or in our social media DMs if you have any questions. We'll talk to you next week!


Emily Lindley
Content & Events Manager
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.