As part of my role at The Grow Group, I frequently play investigator and interviewer to figure out what companies excel at that we can showcase during events and what the application of their work can be to other companies, even if their business models are a little different. 

Last month I had the chance to visit our June Field Trip host, Landscape Workshop, alongside the NALP team as we prepared for our event in Birminham on June 11-12. What makes Landscape Workshop unique in the industry is the pace at which they've grown. Through acquisitions, they've rapidly grown revenue numbers, but more significantly, they've provided opportunities for their team through this growth. 

The theme I heard over and over again in discussions with their team was how important creating a meritocracy was to them. They want to make sure that their team is rewarded for strong performance and that subjectivity is removed from decision-making on raises and promotions as much as possible. JT Price, CEO, said it best: you get ahead here by kicking butt, not kissing butt. 

All that is well and good, but finding the right metrics to measure performance on to make this happen can be hard. You have to be thoughtful to ensure you're rewarding the right behavior, and not unintentionally driving bad results (like cutting corners to stay under hours). The Landscape Workshop team will dive deeper into exactly what they measure and how it's tied to individual, branch, and company performance during our event in two sessions:

  • Growth and Scaling: How Mission, Vision, and Core Values Allow Landscape Workshop to Scale Up
  • Growth and Scaling: The Metrics Landscape Workshop Watches

You can hear JT talk about this in his own words on our social media channels, and stay tuned as we have more videos straight from the Landscape Workshop team coming. 

There will be even more information shared when we're in Birmingham together in June. Will I see you there?


Emily Lindley
Content & Events Manager
The Grow Group & Grunder Landscaping Co.