We Learn Best When We GROW Together

What a great week we had in San Antonio. A week of sharing ideas, reconnecting with friends and learning new ways to move our businesses forward.

One of my favorite things to do at this event is just to walk around while attendees are having conversations during breaks, meals, and cocktail hours and to listen to what they’re talking about. It’s my favorite for a big reason: usually, I hear them talking about their business, sharing stories, and talking through solutions that have worked (or haven’t) for them. Even during social time, this community is committed to getting better and growing as individuals.

I thought this weekend I would share with you the two biggest takeaways my team and I had from the event:

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Systems make it easier for your team to do their work well, and they make your employees happier as a result. During operations-focused sessions, we heard about ways to improve efficiency, we heard from sponsors on new equipment they have that will allow our team to work smarter instead of harder, and we saw some ways that the Summit Landscape and Design team has made their company an easier, and happier, place to work.

One concrete idea that my GLC team is taking home with them: each of Summit Landscape and Design’s trailers had clear signage on them, letting the team know what the capacity was for the trailer in terms that were easy for the team to understand. These stickers showed which equipment can go on a trailer, how many pallets of pavers or sod could go on it, and how much mulch or other materials could fit in the dump trailers.

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 Wherever we go, there we are. This was a phrase that Vince Torchia, our vice president, centered his keynote session around, but the theme came up again and again. During breakout sessions like Don’t Take the Monkey and during our tour of Summit Landscape and Design when Ethan pointed out that his biggest challenge every day is always himself, and even during my own keynote where I detailed the mistakes I’ve made and what I’ve learned from them. Our own attitudes and limiting beliefs often get in the way of our success and focusing on controlling our own attitudes, reactions, and work is what will help us grow as team members. 

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GROW! 2023 attendees: I hope you made it home safely. Thank you much for your willingness to share and learn together – each of you is such a critical part of what makes this event great.

If you felt like you were missing out this week, don't let it happen again next year: register now for GROW! 2024 to secure your ticket at Early-Bird pricing. We are excited to introduce this community to our 2024 tour hosts: Ryan and Annette McCarthy of RJ Lawn and Landscape in Des Moines, IA. You'll get to know them better over the coming year, and we know you'll be impressed by the tour they put on for us. 

I’ll talk to you next week!

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